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New York COVID-19 Data Tracking Report

March 1, 2024
COVID-19 GIS epidemiology communicable diseases

United States COVID-19 Data Tracking Report

March 1, 2024
COVID-19 epidemiology GIS communicable diseases

Notifiable Disease Incidence in New York State

February 29, 2024
communicable diseases disease incidence epidemiology public health New York State

New York Flu Watch: Real-Time Tracking and Analysis of Influenza Data

February 29, 2024
communicable diseases data visualization epidemiology influenza New York State Public Health

Influenza Vaccination Among New York Healthcare Workers

February 18, 2024
health care delivery New York State influenza immunization patient safety epidemiology communicable diseases

COVID-19 Predictions for New York State

September 7, 2023
epidemiology COVID-19 communicable diseases New York State data science predictive modeling machine learning Public Health Practice

Prioritizing Student Health: My Published Op-Ed on Indoor Air Quality in NY Schools

February 3, 2023
environemental health Public Health Practice communicable diseases schools New York State air quality

Taking Action for Cleaner Indoor Air: My Published Letter on Air Filtration in NYPL Branches

January 13, 2023
Community Health communicable diseases environemental health influenza Public Health Practice New York City Built Environments