data visualization

New York City 311 Service Request Data Dashboard

March 1, 2024
NYC 311 GIS Social Determinants data visualization

New York Flu Watch: Real-Time Tracking and Analysis of Influenza Data

February 29, 2024
communicable diseases data visualization epidemiology influenza New York State Public Health

Basketball Season Tracking Analysis

February 25, 2024
sports basketball data visualization

Football Season Tracking Analysis

February 15, 2024
sports football data visualization

Opioid Overdoses in New York (Provisional Data)

December 13, 2023
data visualization epidemiology New York State opioids overdose

United States Weekly Death by Select Causes (2014 to Present)

November 14, 2023
data visualization epidemiology United States Public Health

New York Weekly Death by Select Causes (2014 to Present)

November 14, 2023
data visualization epidemiology New York State Public Health

Baseball Season Tracking Analysis

October 31, 2023
sports baseball data visualization

Analysis of Immunization Levels Among Schools in New York State

September 1, 2023
epidemiology data visualization immunization New York State vaccine

Universal Background Checks and Firearm Mortality in States

January 14, 2023
gun violence epidemiology data visualization policy

New GIS Method for Visualizing Cancer Mortality Trends in the US Published in Preventing Chronic Disease

March 26, 2020
cancer GIS mortality data visualization chronic disease

Data Visualization: Physical Inactivity and Heart Disease Mortality among Texas Counties

September 1, 2019
chronic disease physical activity data visualization heart disease

New interactive web application visualizes health determinants using open data on NYC 311 requests

February 18, 2019
NYC 311 Social Determinants GIS data visualization

New Study Finds Travel Distance Poses Barrier to Participation in Diabetes Intervention Programs for Guyanese Immigrants at Faith-Based Organizations

May 8, 2014
Public Health GIS chronic disease Diabetes data visualization environment epidemiology Social Determinants